Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I am past caring.

I was due to the 'back to work agency' today.  My day has changed from a friday to a wednesday. Well, any way, it is half term and my kids are not babies, aged 17 and 14. My son likes to, lets say, experiment.  I  went to Town for an hour yesterday with my daughter and when I came back there was a big fire on the garden, also my son had drilled a hole in his finger nail. He said he was bored. Now do not be mistaken he is a very clever lad, does really well at school for most part, goes to cadets, juijitsu, and has a place on a medical course  at a uni, where, in theory,  if he continues to do well in exams could go, when he leaves school. He was chosen from thousands in our county. Oh, he also does his paper round to buy things for himself, which he tends to save the money for ages.
Anyway, I was due at the agency at 2 and had another apointment at 3.  My daughter is out and I have noone else to pop in to check on my lad. I contacted them and told them I was unable to make today,   As I had another appointment, so would  not have enough time.  I went to my later appointment and upon returning  home, there is yet another fire on the garden, luckily my Dad had called round. He waited till I was home, the police had called and well - I am fed up of agencies - job centres - the lot. Am not going to leave my son to his own devices, for the hell of it.  Unless I am getting paid and my son is sound.  I have never left my kids for nothing and now they are older they are ok for a while. But I am just fed up with the crap.

Job search is rubbish too. I am, it  seems, getting nowhere, fast.

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