Friday, 24 February 2012

Job centre hinders work search.

Well I am hearing a lot about all of this work programme stuff. Also I have been looking more into others looking for jobs with out any luck.
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A4E 's Emma Harrison Has resigned.

From what?? her position as families Tsar.. I might have known she had some connection to someone on the government.  It does remind me though as 4 staff members at her company have been looked into for asking Job seekers to sign blank time sheets.

I was sent to one of these companies, another one which had a contract. And after every session I would be asked to sign a sheet which on it said, I had been given jobs to follow up, had one to one session, made plans for next week, none of which happened. It must be common.     All of these with big fat contracts and big fat bank balances. They are poverty pimps.     Blooming  chum ism, who know nothing about struggling in life.   They all pee in the same trough. No, they all eat out of it.

Me, being me, questioned it. As I felt this company were saying every week they were doing something that they wasn't.
Now if I did not keep to my my side of the contract I would have lost my money.

Anyway I looked in to it and got a response from the jobcentre saying how brilliant the staff and company was and it helped everyone who went there. It would say that if what was down on paper was incorrect.

It all boils down to this. I have always known about the large divide between those with, and those without.
But when it is daily put in front of you! I've summed it up as a group of people all who have plenty of money and so have the time to sit and think up these ideas of how they make even more money for themselves and their friends, avoiding paying tax, or even knowing what it is like to have to make difficult decisions about basic things like existing. That you get so consumed with these thoughts you have very little time or energy for anything else.

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  1. Emma harrison quit as families champion, ... but today... She has quit from a4e.