Monday, 20 February 2012


Well I went for the interview this morning and it went ok
There were 3 people asking me a range of questions, ranging from, what would I do if someone collapsed in a doorway.????
Also, some  scenarios, and questions about why I want to work there?? you know that sort of thing.

Yet again they were going to let me know today.

Well I've had no call - so it's a no then :(

I am a bit gutted-no I am a lot gutted.

It was temporary while the lady was on maternity leave.

I had gone thinking this job has my name on it. It is the only way to think. As if I go thinking here I go again along with how ever many others.  Then well whats the point??

It is really tiring though, as out of loads of jobs I have applied for , I have only got close to a few, ie interview.

What's wrong with me I am thinking?? why ?? I just want a job, a job that is mine one I can get up in the morning and feel I am getting paid for this.

I am due to do yet another course starting next week, a PC one.  The amount of hours I have put in trying to improve my skills.  In just over 3 years I have done no less than 16 training and courses. From one day ones, to one I did lasting nearly 8 months.

I am not finding all this easier, I am finding it blooming harder. Harder to keep thinking, oh it will happen for me - it has to. It is just a matter of time. Well how much time?  What do I have to do?  I am tired of it all now, I am all over the place doing one thing or another, spreading my self really thinly. For what???

The speaker in the house of commons wife, said in one of her articles in the paper yesterday about the work programme. " People are misguided if they think there are no jobs out there"  It made me angry. Would that be a none job then?? like many of her gang  do??  or appear on reality tv shows.
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Oh, it must be all of them jobs in the job centre, the ones that you do not get paid for, because you would get taken on for one of those.
I haven't had much luck with any of the few others in there.
Going to bed.   :(


  1. It grinds you down, applying, doing everything you can and getting nowhere, then you get blamed for not doing enough. But there is little more you can do. It must be your fault you havent got a job, because there are lots of jobs out there. So QED, its your fault..

    don't they realise this kind of treatment makes a person dread getting up in the mornings. When you know the 8 jobs last week you applied for not ONE will reply.

  2. It is good that more people are coming out with their stories. I think people should be taking more of a look at the country on a whole. The fact that there is massive unemployment. People have no such thing a secure jobs anymore.