Friday, 1 April 2011

I have got a job.. April Fool

I was just browsing a few job sites and come accross a cleaning job in the Police Station. Blummin heck, they require you have a Hepatitis Injection,  need a full History investgation. Well this is the actual vacancy.
Required for cleaning cell areas for the Police Headquarters. Will be using a viracdal cleaner and kivac machine to clean walls, floors, beds and toilet areas. Colour coded systems are in place. In depth training will be given.The successful applicant will need to have hepatitis 'b' injections, also need to be fully vetted for this police. site. For security vetting purposes applicants who have CCJ's or any convictions will not be considered for this role. Uniform provided. Applicants can also ring ------

Be using a what what ???? to do what ???  

I have put this on as when I first went to the agency  (help you back to work agency) I was told "Basically if we find you a cleaning job you will be required to take it or risk losing your benefits" Let me tell you they are not giving jobs out freely, and as for  lose my benefit, what the whole £65.45 what will I do, I doubt I could be more broke than I am. Anyway it seems you go through the same process to get in the actual force - ha.
At least it was a bit better than NMW that may be something to do with it being a health risk. Some of the people you may come into contact with, and not necessarily the one's who have used the cells.

Anyway I have applied for a cusomer service/retail  vacancy this morning,  two bar jobs and a support role.
I will update my blog if I hear anything.   

I never got my response back from Primark. They had vacancies in the window. I applied on line as was told to when I went in to inquire. When I didn't hear back after the closing date I went back in to ask if it was normal not to recieve even an automated response, and was told she hadn't had time to look at the responses. I had applied  a month before. I then asked "well why have you put even more vacancies in your window then ??? "  She said they shouldn't be there. oh...

As I was looking at other peoples experiences and how they try to overcome them I found this one. It is a few years old but sums it up for people who have paid in all their life and fail to find employment when made redundant.

I better go and get ready for the JC to sign on, the highlight of my fortnight.

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