Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mandatory Work Activity Sceme. Free Labour

I have heard a bit about this so-called scheme.  The JC are going to be able to force you into unpaid work, 30 hour weeks. It is supposed to give you an idea of what it is like to look for work, also to give you an idea of what it is like in work...
Aaaagh. We know what it is like to look for work and to be in work.  This really is about Department for Work and Pensions being on a power trip, but more importantly, don't they get it???? that as we are forced into UNPAID work, this gives a potential employer a fantastic opportunity to have the staff and get the work done, but not to have to pay you.
Why on earth would these big companies take on paid staff when the job centre can provide them for free??
Don't the people who make these rules understand that this is creating an even less of a chance for you to secure employment.     
I think I'd better do a bit of research. It seems there is to be a few surprises in store, what with the work programme and schemes. Does someone sit there and think of ways to make it even more difficult to get your entitlement. Also, what about these really ridiculous sanctions - 3 strikes and your out, sanctions for 6 month then 12 month then well what??? 


  1. I'm going to create a blacklist ( name and shame) any business in my area who is stupid enought to get involved in this - and post it on YouTube. And would suggest others do the same.

    Unemployed people need to get more actively involved in opposing these slave labour schemes.

  2. I totally agree, why would anyone take on paid staff when the jc provides free labour, 30 hour weeks, roll in roll out.
    We should all be on the streets saying enough is enough, not sat at home moaning. But it should be employed and unemployed as there is a fine line now with job and no job.

  3. It's nothing new, just another version of "New Deal". Been there, done that, assembling furniture for three months and preparing waste for recycling for three months. Most of these schemes are run by charities heavily subsidised by whatever government is in power at the time. Genuine employers are not normally interested, because these schemes make no attempt to match jobs to people and employers want people they know are capable of doing the job.