Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Too much time.....

This is the first week day morning that I have been at home in Months. If I am not volunteering then I am at some training course or Job club, or JC refered agency.
I have enquired and applied for 7 jobs this morning. Two had gone, and the others was a mixture of sending my cv or filling in on line application form.
I am always hopefull as if I think about it too much it does my head in. I try to think about the here and now. As thinking I may not have a job in the future is hard, especially as my kids will be leaving education in just over a year, my daughter is doing one more year at college.

I signed on, on friday so will get paid today, It is a good job as my electricity was on 29p this morning.
Anyway I was looking at the news and saw a bit about the NHS reform and the fact that the Goverment have put the breaks on so they can "reflect"  and listen,  what a load of rubbish. Also today was named worse off wednesday with the changes starting to take affect.  Can anyone tell me any person that will be better off as the Goverment says they will ???

I am due at the back to work agency at 2 so must go.. Will be looking for 2 1/2 hours at the job sites again.  wish me luck

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