Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Third Sector

Well I don't know if it is my ignorance but I only just discovered that there is such a sector called the third sector. It is, I guess, you have the public sector and the private sector then there is the third sector which includes as well as others the voluntary sector, which I am obviously well aware of.  I had never really thought of this as a numbered sector. Well anyway although I have applied for many jobs in the voluntary sector, I have now come across a whole new way of job searching. You can type in 3rd sector vacancies and loads come up.

I really love people, and if I could combine a job working with the public from all walks of life then it would be perfect. Mmmm, I can dream, I suppose, as that could involve almost anything and as it is at present - anything would do.

Well I am a bit peed off today, I had a massive tooth out yesterday,  I had put it off for weeks but every morning woke with tooth ache. I finally went yesterday it felt like she was pulling my head off and the sound was ooooh horrid.

I have applied for a few jobs this week as a result of finding these new sites, hopeful as always.
My day has been changed now for the agency I am currently with (helping back to work).  It is now a Wednesday and not Fridays.  I found out that the major firm who sub-contracts these did not get a contract for the Work Programme - aaarh what a shame. Saying that, they were planning on taking on 13 new staff as a result of the contract and did say would give me an interview, but will now not be taking on any new staff at all.  They thought they had the contract in the bag. I  know my advisor personally and let's say,  they were surprised and shocked at the news.

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