Saturday, 2 April 2011

DWP Whistleblower

It seems someone from the Job centre has spoke out. It is yet again a perfect example of the vulnerable, those living below the poverty line already, being targeted again, all to meet targets. This is a discrace in this day and age, this country, words fail me.

I applied for a position in a phone shop yesterday. It was on the site, but had to go to their own web page. It was customer service/retail. It sounded ok. It took ages to fill in the online application and they didn't want cv's attaching, but asked lots about your right to work, gender, religion and age etc. I got two identical emails last night, basicaly saying I had been unsuccessful, I was glad of a response, but what did they make the decision based on?? Obviously, not your ability to do the job.

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  1. Excellent blog! In the Guardian article the dyslexia charity spokeswoman struck a chord where she said "the true impact on people with learning difficulties was likely to be higher because they are hidden disabilities." I have Asperger so am writing a blog about the difficulties associated with job hunting with that condition.